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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Get In and Get Around

Get in

By plane

Ipoh is served by the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IATAIPH). Firefly operates twice daily flights to and from the budget terminal of Singapore Changi Airport.

By train

There are the regular KTM trains between Ipoh and KL Sentral. Prices for the old diesel trains range from RM12 to RM30 depending on class and take 3 hours to cover the distance. Electric train service (ETS) costs from RM 16 to RM45 (depending on express or not) and take around 2 hours.

By bus

The main Ipoh bus terminal is located at Medan Gopeng. The station provides services to and from just about any location in the country. Most frequent routes are to and from Kuala Lumpur (Puduraya Station), Singapore and Penang. Larger bus companies like Transnational, Plusliner, Konsortium and Sri Maju provide the most frequent, reliable and safe services.
Some bus companies also operate out of other locations. Sri Maju Lapan Lapan (88 brand) and Grassland Express operate services to and from Singapore from their offices at Jalan Bendahara. Tickets cost about RM50-60 one way
Starshuttle and YoYo provide bus services to and from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Jalan Bercham. Tickets cost about RM40 one way

By car

Ipoh is well connected to the North-South Expressway. You can get into Ipoh via Exit 137: Simpang Pulai or Exit 139: Ipoh Selatan

Get around

By car

The city centre has mostly one-way streets, which are built in a grid pattern. City road maps are easily available at bookstores, tourist centres and even online. It is advisable to have a map handy. Ipoh's traffic is not as congested as other cities such as Kuala Lumpur. However, like any major cities, traffic slowdown is inevitable especially during heavy traffic such as the morning drive to work (around 8AM-9AM), (noon-1.30PM) during weekdays due to lunch-hour & school children being in/out of school and late evening return from work (around 5PM-6PM). Parking spaces are adequate although finding one may require some patience. Car rentals are available.

By bus

Public buses do ply certain routes but information about the routes is not published and buses are rarely on time. Consulting locals would be the best way to find out information about getting around on public buses.

On foot

Ipoh is a rather pedestrian-unfriendly city, but certainly better than KL. Walking within Ipoh city centre and Ipoh Old Town is feasible but walking long distance generally is not advisable without a good pair of sandals. New town and the outlying suburbs are not good at all for pedestrians.

By bicycle

There are no hard and fast rules for cyclists, but you are expected to observe road rules at all times. Cyclists are forbidden from riding on the sidewalk but often do. Helmets are optional but not common.

By taxi

Taxis are privately owned and charged according to the driver's price. It is possible to take the taxi all the way up to Pengkelan Hulu (near the Thailand border); a fair price for that would be ~RM170 one way, ~RM300 both ways. Taxi ride to and from destinations within the city cost around RM5 to RM20


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